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Celebrating 40 Years of Business

Celebrating 40 years of “Doing Business the Right Way”. Thank you to all of the employees, clients, and friends who helped make it possible. Looking forward to many more years!

Exceeding Expectations

Our management team insures that each project is completed on-time and in compliance with all safety and environmental standards. The satisfaction of the customer is our top priority on each job.

An Industry Leader in Natural Gas Transmission and Distributions Systems

Speegle Contracting employs a highly trained workforce and has the resources necessary to complete projects from small to large scale.

We Invest In Our Team

Speegle Contracting maintains a proven track record in the natural gas industry. Our team is qualified to handle a wide range of tasks that may arise on the project site.

Speegle Contracting HDD Solutions

Speegle Contracting utilizes HDD and highly trained employees to complete projects with efficiency and accuracy.

Specializing in Natural Gas HDD

Speegle Contracting has years of experience with utilizing directional drilling technology to install natural gas transmission lines